Monday, 20 February 2012

Cape Town - The Mother City

I'm afraid the clock is ticking on this years visit to SA, a quick month that's gone very quick indeed, they do say time flies when you're having fun!  Here's a few shots i collected over the last few weeks with my new camera.

Take a moment and enjoy the view of table mountain.

Scarborough, beach break.
 I have this as my screen saver, i think this was second day of the trip, we didn't quite have the camera stuff perfected at this point, shame, i like the shot a lot though.

Sunset over little bay rocks.

Eve session at Big bay.
Big bay is usually one of my least favourite places to sail, i can't stand the crowds, the body boarders, swimmers, surfers, kayakers, kiters the lot, they're all in the water within a 300 metre wide stretch of beach in 30 knots of wind, chaos!  when i have to go i wait until the late evening when it thins out a bit.
yes, 5 dudes got in this car, it scraped its way out of the car park!

Cape point.
 We scored some epic sessions down the cape, the evenings are when it goes a bit more east in the wind and it can be extra special!

tommy tortoise.
Lucky escape for this little fella, on our road trip up the west coast this little man nearly took a set of pirelli's on the noggin!

The trusty stead.
There was time for one last road trip out of town and we scored it BIG TIME!  sadly for you guys you can't see the pix now, you're going to have to go into your local windsurfing shop shortly and buy a magazine to get the full story with a bit of luck, only big glossy pages can do this place justice...!

I'd love to show you the session we just scored, but i can't!

OK, Sneaky peak, just because it's you!
I've only got a few days left and we're in the middle of the Gaastra and Tabou photoshoot, we've had some top conditions and hopefully the shots will come out good..  I've still got some SUP stuff to do and we might be lucky and get one more epic windsurf session looking at the forecast.

ciao for now...



  1. Happy man ! Gaastra photoshoot was with 2012 or 2013 gear ? :)
    I hope You will get some more sessions before...


    1. Gaastra stuff is 2013.. but obviously i can't show you all that! ;)

  2. Great to see your Blog Philip, it helps me to keep up with family stuff! You can see what I have been up to on my blog
    Take Care, Aunty Jacqueline x