Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fast Forward......

Yes, it's been a while!  But... there's been some things going on in that time and the blog has slipped to the back of the mind slightly..

A lot of this has gone on Facebook over that time but i was thinking to myself the other day that really the whole world doesn't live on facebook, and then those who do and see my posts are really only my friends, so you're cutting yourself off from the rest of the world and not really sharing the experiences, so the blog is back...

cue whistle stop re-cap of the the elapsed absence!

I got home from Chile late Dec, i had the Chile blues for a couple of weeks, it was a cool place to go and one i'm looking forward to going back to already!

We had a few days of windsurfing in Dec and over Christmas but it was hardly Topocalma so tricky to get excited about, but then after a while, you realise you like it whatever it is? you can't spoil yourself the whole time!

Onshore Rhosneigr days..
It proceeded to belt it down with snow for a couple of weeks and windsurfing was cancelled!  

Snow Man building Horrocks style.
It didn't seem to thaw throughout January and on the water days were limited.
It was my Birthday and i was lucky enough to go and watch my team play, they won too.

Match day.
Gaastra and Tabou had their annual pilgrimage to South Africa to meet up with Peter Munzlinger and the rest of the G&T team for some R&D in February.  Another top trip was had, here it is in pix and captions, too much to remember!

Back in the Mother City, Cape Town.
Travelling with gear on planes gets harder and harder, ouch!!
There was a mix of conditions through the trip, we had some really incredible days at Haakgat and Cape point, good, fun sessions, nothing epic or massive but solid size days.

Waiting for wind under my Gaastra sunshade!
Mike Archer snapped a couple of shots whilst i was out on my normal Gaastra Manics, not the proto's, it's amazing the differences you can feel in a sail when you're tuned into it.
Cape point

Cape point

Cape point

Cape point

Cape point
We had a spell without wind too, it's never fun to have to wait for it when all you want to do is go out sailing, but if there's one place thats fun for hanging out it's Cape Town.

City of Cape Town Stadium, Western Stormers v Boland Cavaliers, 59-0! Go Stormers!!
Proof that Pete Tye does like football, i caught him watching a game!
View from the balcony, left towards the mountain and Big Bay to the right
One of the best days at Cape Point, a handful out and 4.7 and logo to mast.
After another spell of wind we had a bit of a break, the wind shifted up the west coast and we found ourselves driving north to find wind.

Fun session up at Paternoster on one occassion.
Stuck at secret spot!
Things got desperate and i decided it was a good idea to go exploring off the beaten track to see what i could uncover, there must be hidden gems on the west coast.  Anyway, what started as a "lets have a look down this track" ended up in unloading all the gear and digging ourselves out of the sand! whoops..  still, worth it, knowledge for next time!

So that's about it really, the last few months in a nutshell.. there's not too much more to add, other than the fact that it is no longer a secret, Maike and I are having a baby in a few months, we're both mega excited and looking forward to it, hoping everything goes well.  Now i just need to juggle work, nappies and mast high waves!!!  What is life for, if not for family and good times?  here's to more of everything!!!

ciao for now...


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