Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hello May!

Crikey, where did April go??

Things seem to be rocketing along at the moment and i'm hanging on for dear life!  It seems like less than a few weeks ago i was enjoying the wind and waves of Cape Town, turns out that was actually nearer 10 weeks!

I guess things have flown by because there all good at the moment...

Very Windy Rhosneigr from Phil Horrocks on Vimeo.

We've had a few windy days recently, this super windy day too, i made a little video feature for Boardseeker magazine with it, here's a couple of stills i think i already made in my last post but they show what it was like, crazy windy!!

If you want to check out the complete feature head over to ......

Looks like it might get windy today too...

So that's the windsurfing in a nutshell.... The other side of things is the fact that Junior is coming along quickly too.

Maike's been fantastic and is doing really well, growing almost by the day it would seem, and with the sense that the end is not too far away either, suddenly there is only 10 weeks left!
Naturally things have turned towards preparing for the new arrival, frantic cleaning, clearing out the junk and all the other crazy stuff pregnant women get up to!

There was even time for a kick around in the sunshine in the garden with Junior too, weird to see but pretty amazing to see there is something actually growing inside there!

that's all for now...


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